Support Group

The Benefits of Joining a support group

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When you suffer from an invisible illness (one where we do not look sick) it can be comforting to have the understanding and support of others who share the same challenges that you have to face. Finding support and becoming open to new adventures can make journey through life easier. Joining a support group can help you move on with your life.Most people with Fibromyalgia want reassurance that what they are experiencing is normal. Reassurance can be a powerful therapeutic tool.

A support group offers the opportunity to share information that provides support and education, as well as providing emotional support. It allows participants to validate their common experiences through sharing information whilst getting feedback and support.

A support group provide a place where personal information can be passed from one to another in the confidence that this interaction is confidential.

A support group adds an element of social interaction and encourages you to get out of the house and become less isolated. Volunteering to help with the running of a group is also a great way to take your mind of your problems and help others with their’s.

A support group can provide and education for careers, family members and co-workers. It helps them understand the condition and therefore enables them to provide encouragement and support for the person with Fibromyalgia, as well as receiving support themselves from fellow careers.

No two groups are the same, some are informal which involve a group-sharing situation where the general atmosphere is one of mutual trust. Others are more formal and consist of a coordinator and guest lecturers. Which ever type of group you choose you need to make sure it’s a positive one. We aim to do both having guest speaker and having more relaxed meetings so members get the chance to chat to each other.

Instead of getting a blank stare when you explain your symptoms, other members are very sympathetic as its very similar to them and often offer support and advice have a chat to us.