Suggestions for survival strategies for dealing with fatigue

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Try not to nap
Make sure your sleep time follows a regular schedule. The chronic lack of sleep affects the overall health of a person with fibromyalgia as well as their pain. Improving sleep is an important part of easing fibromyalgia fatigue

Try to reduce stress
Anything that reduces stress -- Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation -- will help you It will also help normalise heart rate and blood pressure, so you feel better. Psychological therapy, relaxation exercises, visualisation, meditation, and biofeedback can help ease anxiety, tension, and stress which cause fatigue.

Start stretching
Several times a day, it's important to give tight muscles a good stretch. Before you get out of bed in the morning, start with stretching: move your head and neck, and your shoulders up and down. Make stretching a ritual. A warm bath can make the stretch more comfortable.
Practice “self –discipline”.
You only have so much energy per day—use it wisely.

Pace yourself
Moderation is important if you have fibromyalgia, when people feel good, they tend to do too much -- then pay the price later.

Work with your doctor
And investigate whether there may be any underlying conditions that may be contributing to your fatigue.

Listen to your body
Rest before you get over-tired.
Strive to keep a sense of hope
And maintain well-being through understanding and knowledge. Take ownership of your fibromyalgia; do not let it take ownership of you.

Volunteer work, hobbies and a social support network
Also make it easier living with fibromyalgia. So does a sense of humour.
Do what brings you happiness
And chances are it will help you refocus; get your focus away from the pain.